Social Prescribing Day 18 March 2021
On 18 March 2021 Social Prescribing Day kicks off. Like previous year, the day is installed to celebrate the continuous efforts that have been made in the social prescribing field by countless communities. This year’s theme is: Listen – Support...
Social Rx Connect Receives 80% on the ORCHA Health App Review
ORCHA, a world leader in reviewing digital health solutions, has assessed Social Rx Connect’s software solution for social prescribing services and awarded it a score of 80%. A score of 65% or higher means the application gets a place in...
What is green social prescribing and how does it help?
Newly emerged and now given a national platform with a dedicated episode in the BBC’s Countryfile. Over the course of lockdown more people have seen the value in nature, giving rise to green social prescribing. But what does green social...
What is the definition of a link worker?

With social prescribing rising in healthcare, the question on the role of different parties is often discussed. At the core of social prescribing sits the link worker. This role has, since its coinage, continued to develop and has come with a range of responsibilities. Yet the definition of link worker varies from organisation to organisation. Different responsibilities and focus points are often named.

Types of link workers: family link worker and GP link worker
A link worker is at the core of the social prescribing workforce. They are often known under different names such as social prescribers, community connectors, navigators, and health advisors. In many cases these names are simply synonyms of one another....
Social Prescribing and 2020: 5 Changes to the Service

Social prescribing saw great changes during 2020. During the pandemic the service offered help across the country for people struggling with loneliness and isolation during periods of national or local lockdown.

The Benefits of Social Prescribing

There are great benefits to social prescribing for individuals and NHS organisations. Promising signs have emerged on the impact social prescribing has within the UK with robust evidence still needed. The benefits of social prescribing seem to prevail for both UK residents and the health and social care sector. But what are the biggest potential benefits?

The Impact of Social Prescribing

Social prescribing has existed under different names for a long time. Actual robust proof on the effectiveness of social prescribing is, however, still lacking. That said, there are a great number of positive signs that reveal the impact of social prescribing in the UK. 

Social Rx Connect is now on G-Cloud 12

We are delighted to announce our application to the G-Cloud 12 framework has been successful. Our social prescribing solution went live on the 28th of September.

Government awards £5 million to the NASP to combat COVID-19 loneliness

The National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) has been awarded £5 million by the government. This funding follows from the effects of COVID-19 on the health and wellbeing of individuals.