Social Prescribing Day 18 March 2021

On 18 March 2021 Social Prescribing Day kicks off. Like previous year, the day is installed to celebrate the continuous efforts that have been made in the social prescribing field by countless communities.

This year’s theme is: Listen – Support – Connect, stating in simple words three core values social prescribing holds dear.

How we are celebrating Social Prescribing Day this year

Over the last year the relevance of good physical and mental health has come to the forefront more than ever with link workers playing a vital role both during and outside of lockdown.

As the designated day to celebrate the service, organisations tend to choose this day as a date to launch reports, organise events, share relevant results and more.

As we head towards Social Prescribing Day organisations are encouraged to spread the message about social prescribing, giving wider recognition and attention to the role of community services and social prescribing as a whole.

No doubt will this year again reveal many social prescribing stories, from that of service users, to social prescribers, managers and GPs. One of the prime platforms for sharing further information is social media. The hashtags #socialprescribingday and #internationalsocialprescribingday are used before and during 18 March.

Earlier this week a specific social prescribing report was announced to be released on 18 March. The report is about understanding and aligning link worker and community capacity building. This report is written by Coalition for Personalised Care and the National Association of Link Workers and is funded by NHS England and will be presented during a webinar on Social Prescribing Day. 

Revealing 2020/2021 Changes for Social Rx Connect

In particular during the pandemic we have seen the impact of digital solutions. Social prescribing has, like most services, adopted the use of digital, offering help via Zoom calls, phone calls, webchat and more.

Screenshot Social Rx software

As COVID-19 hit we have also seen the importance of social prescribing. On 18 March we will share with you the big changes we have made for our platform across 2020 and 2021. Many parts have been revealed over time, but we felt it was appropriate to take a moment to reveal which changes have been made and how they help social prescribing. 

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