What is Social Prescribing?

Social prescribing is an emerging field for the NHS. But what is social prescribing really? Social prescribing can broadly be defined as a framework and process for linking residents with non-medical sources of support within the community. For this reason social prescribing is sometimes also called community referral. They can do so via for instance General Practices, voluntary organisations, local government or self-referral.

Supporting the vulnerable

The Goal of Social Prescribing

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Social Prescribing across the Health and Social Care System

Social prescribing is designed as one of the six pillars of the NHS’s Universal Personalised Care. Social prescribing is intended to prevent non-clinical issues from becoming medical health problems. In addition, it supports General Practices and other commissioned services across localities.  

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Highlighting Social Prescribing

Five Year Forward View

Social Prescribing for PCNs

Long Term Plan

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Evidence on effectiveness of social prescribing

Robust, definitive evidence is still lacking on the effectiveness of social prescribing in primary care. The assessment of effectiveness is hindered by poor quality evidence, with differences in how primary care delivers social prescribing, to whom and how outcomes are measured.

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Effectiveness of social prescribing

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GP Workload

It is estimated that one out of five GP consultations are for non-clinical needs.

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Social prescribing offers people dealing with non-clinical concerns to receive dedicated time from a professional, instead of a short 10-minute GP appointment.

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Social prescribing addresses the wider social determinants of health, which are known to impact health outcomes.

Data collection

Social Prescribing evidence

Our software solution
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Setting up and managing your social prescribing service

Our social prescribing solution helps you manage and organise your service as well as refer individuals directly and show relevant analytics. The system can be used by many different organisations, amongst which: Clinical Commissioning Groups, Primary Care Networks, GP Practices, housing associations, and VCSEs.