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Social Rx Connect is a social prescribing platform designed by Promatica Digital. It has been created to help health and social care professionals, social prescribers and community organisations to refer individuals as well as organise and analyse their social prescribing efforts.


End-to-end social prescribing solution

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Our software offering

Ease of use

Our system is designed to be easy to understand and easy to use. In summary, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for within the system. In addition, our software can integrate with other software systems used in health and social care.

Consultancy Support

Our solution does not limit itself to a social prescribing platform alone. We offer consultancy support to any organisation requiring help with developing and implementing their social prescribing service. We can support you across every stage of your social prescribing pathway.

Designed with End Users

We’re proud to say that our social prescribing IT system was co-designed with Bexley Voluntary Service Council and CCG. With their input we created a software platform that understands the differing requirements from both commissioners and providers of social prescribing.

Key features of our software

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Directory of service

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Easy referrals, including self-referral if required

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Two-way connectivity with GP systems

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Progress monitoring with data collection and data analysis

Different Users, Different Functionalities


Complete social prescribing tracking

Privacy, Data & Cookie Software Policy

Our social prescribing solution provides

A secure system

We highly value security. With that in mind we are happy to say we have completed the DSP Toolkit, run on a cloud-based HSCN-compliant server and conform with all IG requirement. In addition, we are Cyber Essentials certified.

Full integration

We can integrate with existing Directories of Services (DoS) or help you create one to suit your requirements. Think of integration with for instance EMIS for GP practices, Azeus for local authorities, and Cerner for hospitals.

Easy reporting

For every user of the system, the reporting options in Social Rx Connect have proven very useful. From a commissioning perspective, you have all the necessary data to support contract management. From a provider’s point of view, you can demonstrate the impact your services are making to support future business cases.

Flexible software

A great benefit of our solution is that you can use it on any device. Use your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to access Social Rx Connect.

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Who can use our solution?

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We’re happy to talk about different possibilities in offering you help with managing your social prescribing service. So, whether you are looking to book a demo, a quote or simply want some more information, we’re happy to hear from you!