Social prescribing software 2020/2021 Changes to Social Rx Connect system

Over the course of 2020 and 2021 we’ve made some big changes to our software. Today, on Social Prescribing Day 2021 we’re revealing changes we’ve made and how they’re helping the social prescribing service. Keen to see the full software package? Get in touch to book a demo.

Though many parts have been released and revealed over time, we’re glad to now fully reveal some of the biggest changes we have made within our social prescribing system. Social Rx Connect has a plethora of new features, including brand-new dashboards.

How has the platform changed?

Though its core and heart still stands –  to make the work of link workers, link worker managers, commissioners, providers and many others in the social prescribing field easier – the system has gotten a facelift. We further narrowed down which items are relevant to this developing service. With this input we've drilled down which insight is valuable and provides the much-needed proof as to the effectiveness of social prescribing.  


As we evaluated our software we worked in close collaboration with our customers to ensure the needs of people actually working in social prescribing were met. This feedback has been invaluable to lift our platform to its current state.

It’s estimated that our software as it stands saves link workers 20% of time on administrative tasks versus having no social prescribing digital system in place. Some core changes were made in dashboards and the intuitiveness so social prescribers could navigate through the system with ease.

Dashboards in Social Rx Connect

The dashboards and reports in Social Rx Connect offer a wealth of data for quick insights, but also deep drilled-down information.

On one end the new graphs and reports visually reveal how individuals as a whole or separately are doing as they’re progressing through the social prescribing pathway.

Social prescribing system - dashboards Social Rx Connect

Furthermore, we have linked up the path of social prescribing, allowing commissioners to get insight into the effectiveness of social prescribing. With robust evidence still lacking to prove the effectiveness of social prescribing, this data is vital in providing full insight into social prescribing and how it operates across your locality.

Showing this data can help get funding or show the results over time during board meetings without having to monitor this data yourself. In short, it’s an easy download away.

Intuitive with easy navigation

For these updates we’ve taken every opportunity to further improve on making our social prescribing software as intuitive as it can be. We’ve done so by offering easy navigation through the system for all involved roles. For the link worker we've taken every effort to move them easily through a case from scheduling an appointment to assessment to booking in an appointment at an appropriate service.

For offering further intuitiveness we looked carefully at the process of a link worker and built the interface based on this knowledge. Our key focus point here has been to allow social prescribers to use the system comfortably and confidently.

Receiving more information

You can also download our brochure to get an idea of what our social prescribing software can offer you. Feel like just getting a quick introduction to what our software can do? Watch this quick 4-minute video.

Want to see the new updates of our social prescribing system for yourself? Book a demo with us to learn about the software in more detail.

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