How can link workers benefit from Social Prescription Software

Specific software designed for social prescribing can be a great benefit and productivity enhancer for social prescribing services. Link workers in particular can benefit from a dedicated platform for a number of reason.

In this article we’ve laid out a number of ways in which link workers can benefit from social prescription software.

Managing caseload

Link workers can manage their caseloads in one central place. Social prescription software offers a place to run socially-prescribed individuals through their own social prescribing pathway. In addition, it allows link workers to centrally store conversation notes, assessments or referrals into services.

As social prescription software is tailored to link workers and their caseload, the items within a case neatly fit social prescribing services across the country. Because of that the productivity of link workers will improve as they no longer need to filter through endless documents and folders. Rather they can click into the cases they are managing for that day and find the information they require.

Digital referrals from the GP

GPs no longer have to refer people into social prescribing via email or phone. Rather they can refer them into a link worker’s social prescribing service via a GP’s digital system, such as SystmOne or EMIS. From there a GP can send through patient information relevant to managing a case.

This has the added benefit of passing information through to a secure system that meets governance standards while email servers might lack that kind of security.

Sending information back to a GP

Social Prescription software might have the capability to send information back to the GP as well. This means a link worker can let a GP know how one of their patients is doing after a referral into a social prescribing service.

Via a social prescription system, you may also have the capability to let a GP know when their patient did not show up for the social prescribing service they were referred into, so the GP can offer help in a different way or motivate the patient to pick up social prescription after all.  

Social prescription data at the ready

As link workers manage cases over time, aggregated data and easily downloadable graphs can be a great asset when analysing social prescribing services and the assigned caseload.

Data can show patterns in which demographic is particularly referred into social prescribing. It can reveal which services people are referred into the most and how a link worker’s caseload has improved over time.  

Handing over cases when needed

Whenever a link worker is on annual leave or absent for any other reason, a case can still be managed by assigning a colleague to that case.

This can be a great benefit for link workers as their clients can continue to receive help and the handover process is straightforward as all relevant information is at the ready within the system.

Looking for social prescribing software?

We have an end-to-end social prescribing software designed for full management from link workers to service providers and commissioners. We’ve designed our software to make it work as best as it can and include the benefits named above.

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