Social Rx Connect expands its client base as demand for social prescribing rises

Company delivers reliable and simple to use software to support link workers, referrers and providers in the growing demand for social prescribing.


Leeds May 9th, 2022. Social prescribing support software, Social Rx Connect, has significantly grown its customer base, reflecting the burgeoning importance of social prescribing today.


Going live with Social Rx Connect’s software this year are Lincolnshire VET, (covering Lincolnshire CCG) along with newly signed partnerships with Leatherhead PCN, Redcar Coastal PCN and Middlesbrough Borough Council who are all set to embed Social Rx Connect software into their operations. 


As social prescribing grows, it is vital that link workers have a simple, guided and intuitive platform that can support their caseload. Data security and permission-led pathways mitigate risks of security and potential loss of data, which would be catastrophic to their endeavours. An increase in workload demands a system that is not only secure but also connected for a seamless referral pathway for patients, which is why one reason for the success of Social Rx Connect resides in its ability to integrate pathways and be interoperable with both EMIS and SystmOne. 


"The recognition of the importance of social prescribing is growing and so is the demand for simple software to support implementation," says Heather Hancock, CEO of Social Rx Connect. "Social Rx Connect delivers reassurance, reliability and clarity to everyone involved in the social prescribing pathway. By connecting providers, it brings efficiency and time savings to Link Workers. I often hear from our clients that the easy reporting functionality is vital, especially when it comes to reporting outcomes". 


Social Rx Connect serves more than facilitating social prescribing. Middlesbrough Borough Council have made good use of the system's adaptability.  The software supports them with its integrated health and wellbeing support programme, including smoking cessation and general life support provision.


Demonstrating their quest for constant improvement, Hancock and her team, all of whom have strong data governance skills, are fortunate to have Phil Walker, author of the NHS Digital Toolkit, as one of their advisors. Hancock says that while the Social Rx software platform is already delivering great results for organisations, she isn't stopping there. "We work closely with our clients to constantly improve our software's functionality. We are driven to be so much more than a software platform. We are committed to using data to enable decision making which can, in turn, reduce areas of health inequalities. With Social Prescribing as a key initiative in the NHS’s plans, we are determined to continue to offer real value for our customers and the patients that together we serve in our UK health economy.”



Promatica Digital developed the Social Rx Connect platform as social prescribing became known to the NHS. Social prescribing being a new area, there was a need to organise and manage this new service. The publication of the NHS Five Year Forward View further accelerated the implementation of social prescribing. The software solution was originally built with input from commissioners, the voluntary care sector, primary care, and community providers.

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