Social Rx at the Live Well Centre: The Chain of Impact

Impact. It is a powerful tool for change. During our client visit at the Live Well Centre in Middlesbrough, we were fortunate enough to watch and learn about the impact that the centre is making in their local community. To know that Social RX is a mechanism in the machine of impact that Middlesbrough is running through the Live Well Centre, is reassurance that our mission of supporting individuals and local communities to connect is on track!

Mya Deangelo at the Live Well Centre

It was our pleasure to spend some time with the Smoking Cessation team. We provided the team with in-depth system training and worked collaboratively to find digital solutions within the system that could help with the daily challenges. However, this was an excellent opportunity for us to learn more about the smoking cessation programme. We learned about how the programme could physically and mentally enhance the health of individuals and what medical interventions the team are currently offering. The nurses were in high demand all day. From answering calls of help from their community to helping each other organise clinics, we were inspired by the heroic attitude they had towards the busy day!


During our time at the Live Well Centre, we also had the wonderful experience of spending some time with the Specialist Physical Activities team. Their positive feedback on Social RX was music to our ears. They expressed that since they have started using the system, the administrative segment of their job has become simpler and more efficient. After further discussing the benefits of Social RX, we moved on to discussing developments that could enhance the user friendliness of our software to generate ideas for our quarterly releases. We always encourage ideas and suggestions from all our users to continuously improve Social RX for our clients.

 This client visit is one that we will treasure. It has taught us about the impact that Social RX is making within communities and our contribution to client/patient outcomes. Through offering our clients an end-to-end case management system, we are allowing them to work efficiently and dedicate more time to the most important element of their role: the people. We are extremely proud to be a link in this chain of impact that is creating a healthier, happier, and empowered community. Thank you, Middlesbrough! 

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