Connectivity Is The Key To Bexley’s Social Prescribing Success

Connectivity Is The Key To Bexley’s Social Prescribing Success

Alex Fordham is a Community Connect Manager and the Lead for social prescribing across Bexley. Staying on top of the administrative tasks was taking up a lot of time, and the small team couldn't reach as many people as they wanted to, nor did they have time to expand their services.

With 1500 active cases, a major challenge was keeping a log of everything in one place, be it referrers, partners, outcome data, or simply having a simple overview of the patient pathway at any given moment. Since implementing Social RX Connect, Alex has noticed immediate benefits. "In terms of the service we are able to provide, we have become much more streamlined," says Fordham. "The synchronized connection between our emails and the software means that email referrals go straight onto the system. This has freed up so much administrative time that our administrative support now can focus on other things.

In addition to receiving referrals directly onto the system, the team now benefit from the connectivity the software allows and can refer patients directly to providers, making it easier and quicker for all involved. Services can be updated easily, giving Alex confidence in knowing that everyone is working from up-to-date information. 

Alex is pleased with the solution she now has. "Without Social RX Connect, we wouldn't be able to do our job as we want to; we wouldn't be able to reach the number of patients that we reach, we wouldn't be able to offer the range of services that we do."

"As a team, having a system that works so well for us means that we can do our jobs better. We can see our client's journeys clearly and we feel very supported from initial referrals to follow-ups. It is a very helpful system". 

And Jattinder Rai, Bexley VSC CEO, agrees. “The platform is easy to use and is very intuitive” she said, adding that “choosing the right social prescribing platform makes all the difference - we’re just relieved to have chosen the right one”. 

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